Customer experience

Customers lie at the centre of Alipinta’s world, as we build an experience that is captivating, direct and personal for them, from their first contact to after-sales service. For this reason, production and distribution are organised in a flexible way and without intermediaries. Production is divided into ready and personalised. The ready side comprises a Capsule Collection of 100 items (divided into three models) all in limited and numbered editions. Customers have the opportunity to ‘home test’ garments. In a few clicks, they can choose and buy the garment and chat with customer service for information on size, fit, material, combination, etc. Once they purchase a garment, they can try it on at home with their favourite outfit and decide whether to keep it or take advantage of our free, money-back guarantee, which entails a safe, comfortable and quick procedure. The personalised side entails building each Alipinta coat from scratch, customers ‘draws’ the selected model through a wide range of textiles, linings and buttons. The distribution has no intermediaries, and garments are sold exclusively through digital channels (social and ecommerce) –with great attention to after-sales services –in the atelier of Cagliari and in the events organised in Italy.