How we do it

Each Alipinta product is tailor-made in Italy, and this ‘Made in Italy’ production commitment guarantees quality, elegance and sustainability. Alipinta’s creations are produced in limited series or unique pieces, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail in our products. Materials The search for the best textiles is the basis for Alipinta garments’ quality. They are selected from the most prestigious Italian and international wool factories to produce the highest quality outerwear possible. Wool, cashmere and alpaca come from certified cruelty-free farms, then are processed in compliance with the highest environmental certifications. Tailoring details Each Alipinta product is hand-finished with tailored details that guarantee a superior fit, thanks to the use of the subpoint, which reinforces the garment where daily use puts it under greater stress, such as pockets or paramontura. Alipinta coats are made to last, thanks to durable features such as buttons attached by hand and profiled buttonholes.