Senda - Perfume

Senda - Il profumo

Senda means "treasure" in Gallurese with a more emotional meaning and aimed at affections rather than material assets.

The word "treasure" refers to sparkling images of opulence and luxury. But what inspired and motivated us in this collection is what is the truest essence of a treasure: its secrecy. It's that unrepeatable feeling of pleasure we had as children when we hid something and we were its only keepers: whether they were shells or stones or a snack, only we knew of the secret hiding place!
We too have our treasure and we have chosen to share it with you. It's called Senda: a juniper-based essence that you will receive together with our garments. A sensory memory to immerse yourself in your sweetest memories.
Senda is a seaside promenade among Mediterranean shrubs. It is the sun that warms us and the wind that refreshes us. It is the inimitable light that illuminates our land.
Senda is the carefree life of a happy summer.

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