RISSOLI, light to infinity

RISSOLI, luce all'infinito
RISSOLI is the glare of the sun. The RISSOLI collection is dedicated to our planet. Elements of life to water and earth which, warmed and illuminated by sunlight, give beauty and life to what surrounds us.
In RISSOLI our commitment to a sustainable and ethical product is even more aware. The garments of the RISSOLI collection are produced in viscose: a fabric of vegetable origin, breathable and very pleasant to wear on the skin.
We have chosen water-free dyes for an exclusive fabric with low environmental impact and FSC certified packaging with sustainable use of forest resources. Furthermore, for shipments we have chosen Controversa, the reusable and reversible box.
It goes without saying but we like to proudly reiterate that the entire supply chain is entirely made in Italy and in each tag you will find the quantity of fabric used and the working hours spent on the packaging of each of our products.
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