Mora & Memo

Mora & Memo is Elisabetta Pala, a daughter of art who has created a young, dynamic cellar with solid roots linked to the history of one of the great families of Sardinian wine. Elisabetta inherits the passion for viticulture from grandfather Salvatore and dad Mario, who involves her from an early age in the activities in the vineyard. In recent years he has developed his own idea, a personal intuition of what he would like to obtain from the vineyard, perhaps the dream of every winemaker: a wine that resembles it. In 2011 he started the Mora & Memo project. Inside, matured in every detail, there is Elisabetta's whole vision for wine, a world still traditionally male, especially in Sardinia, where few women are in charge of wineries. A world that Elizabeth wants to innovate, preserving its memory, with the tenacity and sensitivity that distinguish it.