We pack coats with a contemporary language with a deep soul, in lines, colors and workmanship.

The collection for this autumn / winter 19/20 consists of 3 coat models: Calù , Ruby , Rose 

Products with alpaca, wool and cashmere from the best Italian woolen mills. Made in Italy for the entire production process, they are characterized by an absolute dedication to the resistance, adaptability and cleanliness of the finishes of the details that give value over time and in style (change style) 

Coats that tell a story, which is that of all the women they wear the luxury of freedom of your own style.

A precious customization is that of the linings expressed in a design created exclusively by (link ideame) which represents leaves, flowers and fruit of the vine.


This customization was chosen because wine is one of the identifying elements of the Sardinian land. There are traces of its production since the Nuragic age and today it is a symbol of rebirth and excellence of Sardinia. Rebirth and excellence led more and more by important female figures who have been able to understand the wealth of the past, rediscover it and enhance it thanks to an intelligent use of technological innovation, obtaining products that are now appreciated all over the world.

It is for this communion of values and vision that Alipinta has decided to dedicate its new collection to the theme of wine and the women who work there.