Our story

Alipinta (Chaffinch in the Sardinian-Gallurese language) is a young brand specialising in the production of female outerwear. Since the beginning, the company has aimed to create quality products in both production and materials, with particular attention on sustainability.

Alipinta was born in Sardinia, an island with a great tailoring tradition, the most obvious example being its traditional costumes: Their precious textiles, fine embroidery and bright colours always arouse great wonder from those who admire them.

From this know-how, Alipinta set out to express its ideas–not through a didactic reinterpretation, but because of a need to create garments with a contemporary language. The clothes have a deeper soul–in their lines, colours and craftsmanship.

The company’s Sardinian roots and traditional know-how in craftsmanship have been the starting point for creating products that can stand the test of time, with an immediately recognizable style and ideal for the needs of women today.