What do you hope for?

fase2 novità riapertura speranza

Hope is what we feel today, it is what we want to wish and we would like to give to all of you, who for the most varied reasons are facing a new beginning, after these two months. Hope to make your dreams come true, not to let yourself be discouraged, to return to normal soon, hope not to stop dreaming.

We too are full of hope ... and trust. Two weeks have passed since we resumed our business. Like all of us, we have gone through a hard period, which is not yet part of the past, but now that we can go back to do our job, we hope and feel we can overcome it. We have held out and suffered with those who accompany us in our work: our suppliers, our tailoring, our woolen mills and the printing house, many of which are located in northern Italy, in the areas most affected by Covid, and it was a relief to hear that they too are finally back to work.
It makes us feel proud to be part of Made in Italy, even more today, because it means being part of a family that does not give up. Never before have we felt the allegory of a fabric, that of made in Italy. I know, we often say it but that's also why we do this job, because for us tailoring and weaving are one of the most beautiful stories we can tell, even after moments like this.

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